We, at Stone Wealth Management,
fiercely guard our
independence & impartiality

At Stone Wealth Management we firmly believe that non-conflicting advice, as a result of our independence, will always be in the best interests of the client. Our independence is evident in our financial advice, administration, and choice of asset management offerings. Our objective is to get each client’s financial house in perfect order (10/10) and to keep it that way.

So why do others give up
their independence?

When wealth managed companies or financial planning practices give up their independence and impartiality, they vertically integrate their practices and thereby make more profit by controlling the supply chain at every level (advice, administration, and asset management).

When wealth management companies try to be all things to all people i.e. fund manager, administrator, and financial advisor, they end up owning the whole supply chain.

Ask yourself whether they will fire themselves for non-performance?

How do we stay
independent & impartial?

At Stone Wealth Management, we ensure that the various components of our solutions are kept separate and can be replaced at any given time if necessary. We do this by focusing on advice and solutions – not product sales.

We select independent research and specialist fund management firms who have the capability, expertise, and tools to determine the optimal asset allocation, to achieve the rate of return you require to meet your financial goals.

We access the most talented asset managers in the industry, locally and globally, and most importantly, we operate in a completely independent and transparent manner.

Stone Wealth Management acts as their clients’ personal ‘Chief Financial Officer’ and when required, works with a deliverables team of subject matter experts (attorneys, accountants and other specialists) to put structure and order to clients’ affairs to ensure that they are providing a progressive, valuable, and quality offering.

Human emotion is the biggest
destroyer of wealth

To be a successful investor you need to
not take yearly results too seriously, rather
focus on your 5 year average.
So tune out the noise and
stick to the plan.

We keep clients
focused and on track

To be a successful investor, you need to think in years, and
comprehend in decades – the markets are volatile, so you
have to keep your long-term goals in mind. At Stone Wealth
Management our role is to make certain that our clients
remain focused on achieving these financial goals, and to prevent
emotions from eroding their wealth.

  To invest successfully over a lifetime
does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual
business insights, or inside information. What’s
needed is a sound intellectual framework for making
decisions, and the ability to keep emotions from
corroding that framework. 


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